Tracking, Messaging and Monitor your Fleet

TracPlus is the approved tracking provider for all aerial firefighting operations in Australia, and we work closely with the National Aerial Firefighting Centre to ensure all operators are tracked, monitored and able to communicate with everyone involved.

In Australia, TracPlus is also used in air rescue, tourism, agricultural operations, mining and coastguard to name a few.

TracPlus and The National Aerial Firefighting Centre (NAFC)

Aircraft Tracking for Aerial Firefighting in Australia

TracPlus is the approved tracking provider for NAFC, which is a collective of states and territories that work together to share knowledge and specialised firefighting resources. TracPlus provides NAFC with data integration services for tracking and event reporting.

All the aircraft involved in aerial across Australia are equipped with standardised tracking and event reporting equipment, which reports into TracPlus — and TracPlus then makes this consolidated data available in a number of different ways to all operators involved.

“TracPlus has changed the reporting of intelligence completely. It registers the exact location of where we pick up water, and how many litres we’re picking up. It’s tracking us to and from the fire. That way, the command centre can see how effective we are as it determines what our turn around times are.” Ray Cronin, Kestrel Aviation.

TracPlus for Air Medical Operators in Australia

Aircraft tracking air medical

TracPlus is the trusted tracking provider for all major air medical operators in Australia including LifeFlight and Careflight. TracPlus allows air medical operators to track, manage and monitor their fleet to obtain complete fleet situational awareness throughout rescue missions and interhospital transfers.

TracPlus for agricultural operators in Australia

Monitor flight and event data in agricultural operations 

TracPlus allows agricultural operators to not only stay connected to their crews but to monitor activity for contractual and billing purposes. With TracPlus, agricultural operators can capture and transmit data in real-time, including engine start/stop, aircraft tracking data, take off and landing, making accurate data recording easy and automatic.

TracPlus In Action

CareFlight Australia

CareFlight Australia trust TracPlus as their tracking and messaging provider. One of the largest air medical organisations in Australia, ensuring their fleet is tracked and managed is vital to safety and the efficiency of their operations.


With TracPlus we know where all our vehicles are, and more importantly where all of our crews are, all of the time.

Craig Gibbons, General Manager CareFlight Australia

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