Share critical data, streamline business and stay compliant with TracPlus.

Secure and flexible sharing

As federal and state-level agencies seek to work more effectively together, while outsourcing the operation of high-value assets such as helicopters, it is increasingly important to ensure that cost efficiency doesn’t come at the expense of visibility. TracPlus ensures that any operator, regardless of equipment or service provider, can easily and securely share real-time tracking data with their contracted agencies.

Legislative Compliance

As legislative requirements increase, particularly around occupational safety and health, so does the need for tools that deliver improved safety outcomes for employees and contracted workers working in potentially hazardous environments. TracPlus provides those outcomes by ensuring remote workers are actively monitored at all times and remain in communication, no matter the location.

Contract Accountability

Increasingly, government agencies are required to ensure that operators are held accountable to contractual requirements. By providing real-time location and event data that acts as proof of location and placement, TracPlus allows effective contractual oversight as well as transparent and verifiable accountability.

Trusted Tracking Provider

TracPlus is a tried and trusted tracking and communication system that places a high priority on the privacy of your data and assets.

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